Maggie Stiefvater Gives Away Bookplates!

Maggie Stiefvater is one of my favorite YA authors. Her Wolves of Mercy Falls trilogy saved weres entirely for me (sorry, Jacob Black).
I liked her Scorpio Races, but I loooooved The Raven Boys. Maggie writes beautifully, and she creates characters that make it hard for me to breathe, know what I mean?

Now, she’s giving away Raven Boys bookplates. With art she creates. I can’t even.

She tweeted directions on how to obtain your own sweet plate, so I’m doing it.

I read The Raven Boys via NetGalley, but I immediately ordered a copy when I finished the galley. For now, here’s my pic of TRB.

I am so excited for the quartet she’s working on.
And I can’t wait for the bookplate and the shiny new hardcover I’ll put it in!



Bone. Shadow. Blood. I’m so confused

I was perusing my goodreads TBR list, and I noticed something. Then my head got all spinny.

Check it out:


Daughter of Smoke and Bone (Daughter of Smoke and Bone, #1)

Daughter of Smoke and Bone. One of my very most super favorite books of 2011.

Shadow and Bone (The Grisha, #1)

Shadow and Bone. Haven’t read it yet.

The Book of Blood and Shadow

The Book of Blood and Shadow. Haven’t read yet. But, I like this cover more than this one.


And finally, rounding back up to Laini Taylor,

Days of Blood and Starlight (Daughter of Smoke and Bone, #2)

The unfinished cover for Days of Blood and Starlight.



You can see, then, how I got a little spinny, yes?

John Mayer’s Latest: Blues Album or Steampunk Novel?

I’m a megafan of John Mayer. Even through his skeevy days, his awkward interactions with paparazzi, through short hair and long, bubblegum pop to bluesy rock- I love JM.

So I was super excited to see the album art for his new record- Born and Raised.


When I first saw it, it looked familiar- like I’d seen it before.


No. That’s not it.


No. That’s not it either. Less it, even.

I don’t know why those two albums came to mind- except they’re both kind of busy and stylized.


Well, then what?




Is this a new John Mayer album, or a steampunk novel?

Only time will tell.