Jen Lancaster Giveaway! (I’m giving away the book, not the girl)

Hey, y’all!

I’m super excited to announce a book giveaway. Not just any book giveaway, a Jen Lancaster book giveaway. Not even just a Jen Lancaster book giveaway, but a brand-new-in-paperback, pee-in-your-pants-funny, debut-novel book giveaway!
If you don’t know who Jen Lancaster is yet, I’m really shocked you made it through that first paragraph. Also: come out from under that rock, Little Ant.
Jen Lancaster is funny with capital FU. Oh, wait, is that something else? Anyway. She’s written several hilarious memoirs (Such a Pretty Fat; My Fair Lazy, Bitter is the New Black…) and she really loves plaid.

She wrote a novel, which she swears is only looooosely based on her own life, called If You Were Here, in 2011.

And now it’s out on paperback (with much cuter art than the hardcover, says me).

And I’m giving away a copy on goodreads.


Goodreads Book Giveaway

If You Were Here by Jen Lancaster

If You Were Here

by Jen Lancaster

Giveaway ends March 31, 2012.

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at Goodreads.

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So, click on over to goodreads and enter to win!



Oscar Nominated Short Film (is genius and wonderful)

I’m posting from Marco Fuego today, so if there’s a link up there instead of a video, go on and click it. It leads to a 15 minute film that I discovered, via the Alisons at Hardcovers and Heroines, and absolutely adore.

The film starts in NOLA and ends in a magical land where books, quite literally, come to life.

I think I’ll watch it every day now.

Posted from Marco Fuego (my handsome Kindle Fire). Please excuse any (er, all of the) typos. You look pretty today.

NetGalley Nooner

One of my (newfound) favorite things about being a book blogger/semi-legitimate journalist is NetGalley.

I freak out over books in general, and not-yet-published-for-the-masses books especially. Every time I’m approved for a new NetGalley book, I do a little happy dance.

That’s not hyperbole. I dance. Every time.


So, every so often here at SeeSavRead, I’ll post a NetGalley Nooner- which books I’ve got piling up in my To Read account, which I’m currently reading, and which I’m superduper excited about.


First, the SuperDuper Excited About one:

Jesse Andrews' book

I first heard about Jesse Andrews’ debut novel, Me & Earl & the Dying Girl, from That Cover Girl’s AuthorThoughts post. Brilliant cover? Check. Hilarious author interview? Check. Much capital-letter-texting to That Cover Girl when I downloaded the galley? Supercheck. I trust TCG’s book opinions implicitly (even if we sometimes disagree when LOVING/LOATHING some books), so I believe this is going to be a great read.



The Currently Reading one:

Margarita Engle

The Wild Book, by Margarita Engle. This is a good one. It is musical, almost. It reminds me, in a way, of one of my most favorite books: In the Time of the Butterflies, by Julia Alvarez. But, a review will be forthcoming this week, so I can’t spill much more than that now.


The Piling Up one:

Kathi Lipp

I started reading this one, and highlighted the everloving mess out of it within the first three chapters. Kathi Lipp presents The Get Yourself Organized Project as an alternative to all the other Get Organized books out there, and I stand by her 100%. I haven’t finished it yet (or, ok, started any of the 21 projects she lays out yet), but I am really also pretty excited about this one.



These are just the first three of my fourteen current NetGalley books.

Oh, the dancing never ends.




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I will be bringing you tons of fun soon, but in the meantime, please enjoy this video my friend Audreya made. She swears it’s not an exaggeration, that this is actually how my book reviews go. I don’t believe her.